40 phrases in Spanish at the Doctor’s, Dialogues at the Doctor’s in Spanish, Spanish at the Doctor’s

Dialogues at the Doctor’s in Spanish

Would you like to speak Spanish fluently? After our Spanish course, it will certainly not be difficult. Spanish phrases at the Doctor’s are a collection of basic phrases that will be useful when traveling abroad. Are you wondering how to break the language barrier? Listen to our recording as often as you can and repeat the phrases after the teacher. After a while, you will be surprised how easy it is for you to speak Spanish. Learn the phrasebook in Spanish, and you will quickly communicate in Spain with the doctor! 🙂 Our 40 phrases in Spanish at the Doctor’s are not difficult, just learn our phrases in Spanish and you can talk to the doctor without any problems.

40 phrases in Spanish at the Doctor’s:

1.I’d like to make an appointment to see the doctor

Me gustaría pedir cita al médico

2.Do you have an appointment?

¿Tiene una cita?

3. Is this your first visit?

¿Es su primera visita?

4. What is this appointment regarding?

¿Qué problema le trae al médico?

5. Do you have health insurance?

¿Tiene usted póliza de salud?

6. Please, take a seat

Siéntese, por favor

7. The waiting room is on your right

La sala de espera está a la derecha

8. The doctor will see you now

El médico le atenderá ahora?

9. What seems to be the matter? 

¿Qué le suecede?

10. What hurts?

¿Qué le duele?

11. Can you describe your symptoms?

¿Puede describir los síntomas?

12. I have backache

Me duele la espalda

13. I have a fever

Tengo fiebre

14. I have a runny nose

Tengo catarro

15. Kręci mi się w głowie

Tengo sensación de vértigo

16. Mdli mnie

Tengo náuseas

17. I have a cold

Estoy resfriado

18. I have high blood pressure

Tengo la tensión alta

19. I have the flu

Tengo gripe

20. Are you on any medication?

¿Toma algún medicamento?

21. Do you have any allergies?

¿Tiene alergias?

22. Do you have a fever?

¿Tiene fiebre?

23. How long have you had these symptoms?

¿Desde cuánto tiempo tiene estos síntomas?

24. Here’s your prescription

Esta es su receta

25. I recommended bed rest

Recomiendo que guarde reposo en la cama

26. I’ll need to prescribe an antibiotic

Tengo que prescribir un antibiótico

27. Let me listen to your heart

Voy a escuchar su corazón

28. Let me take your blood pressure

Mediré la tensión arterial

29. Let’s take your temperature

Mediremos la temperatura

30. This requires surgery

Esto requiere cirugía

31. We’ll need to order a blood test

Tenemos que solicitar análisis de sangre

32. You need to be hospitalized

Debe ingresar en hospital

33. Your test results are in

Han llegado los resultados de análisis

34. Are my test results in yet?

¿Han llegado ya mis resultados de análisis?

35. How long will I have to stay in the hospital?

¿Cuánto tiempo tendré que quedarme en hospital?

36. I’m not feeling well

Me siento mal

37. I need to get my prescription filled

Tengo que renovar la receta

38. I would like a second opinion

Deseo oír una segunda opinión

39. What are the side-effects?

¿Cuáles son los efectos secundarios?

40. What’s my prognosis?

¿Qué perspectivas hay?

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