woman laying on the floor learning language

7 easy ways to learn a foreign language

Many of us would like to learn a foreign language, but unfortunately, we often lack the time or motivation to practice grammar or vocabulary every day. For some, classically understood language learning is unattractive and boring. However, there are several ways to make it fun and easy. Find out about our 7 ways to make learning a foreign language more attractive. 

1. Watching movies in a foreign language

One of the most enjoyable ways to learn a language attractively is by watching foreign movies. At the beginning of learning, you can use subtitles, but as the level of advancement increases, it is worth turning off the subtitles and relying on your skills and intuition. 

2. Reading in a foreign language

Reading books or articles in a foreign language allows you to focus more on writing words and grammar. When reading in another language, it will also be easier for us to consolidate writing, we will look at the appearance of individual words and grammatical structures. At the beginning, we recommend reading easier, familiar items, and in the next steps, reach for more difficult literature. 

3. Listening to podcasts/radio

It is worth surrounding yourself from every possible angle with the language you want to learn. Listening to podcasts or the radio can accompany us in the performance of various other activities. By listening, we will get used to the language, accent, and sound of words. If we do not understand a word – it will be easy to take its meaning out of context and learn it. 

4. Making acquaintance with a foreigner

In the age of the Internet, international friendships are not a problem. There are many places on the Internet where you can meet someone who speaks the language you want to learn. Regular conversations with foreigners through communicating with a living language will make you open to the practical use of it.

5. Learning on YouTube

You can find many online lessons on YouTube. We recommended our LanguageFreak channel, where you can learn specific phrases by listening and repeating them. By listening to these lessons, even for a few minutes a day – you will certainly gain more language skills. 

6. Using the foreign language menu on the smartphone

Daily contact with the language can help a lot in getting used to it. By using it on a daily basis, for example when operating a telephone, computer, or other devices, you will ensure that over time this language will no longer be foreign to you. 

7. Learning applications

There are many applications on the market that facilitate learning foreign languages. There are all sorts of interactive exercises and assignments that have nothing to do with boring exercises, like at school. Learning languages can be fun! 

You can learn creative in a fun and easy way! Learning a language doesn’t have to be a chore. Try our easy ways to learn languages and enjoy it!