Easy German 100 words – 100 most important German words – Most used German nouns – German learning

Easy German 100 words

100 most important German words is a video where you will meet the most used German nouns! You should check easy German 100 words and then you will be sure to start learning German quickly! German vocabulary is the basis for learning German. German words for beginners will help you break the language barrier and just start speaking fluently. You try to master German through pictures is very intuitive because it is a proven method of learning! Many people have found that our free German language course is the best! Try it out too :).

100 most important German words

German learning may seem difficult for you at first! We believe that you only need to choose a pleasant learning method for the 100 most important German words! Therefore, check out our video where you can find out what the most used German nouns are! In the video, you will see the words in German shown in the pictures! You will also hear a native German-speaking voice! This is how easy German 100 words will be presented! 100 common words in German is a good base for you to start with! So turn on the video and learn the most popular German words!

Most used German nouns – German learning

Learn German! Most used German nouns are very important words that are used in German! 100 most important German words make life easier for German speakers! Learning these basic words is essential for everyday German conversation! Easy German 100 words is great for learning German for beginners! You must try it today and you will soon find out that your life will become much easier! We are waiting for you!

Words in the video:

Fire – Feuer

Water – Wasser

Day – Tag

Night – Nacht

Rain – Regen

Sun – Sonne

Moon – Mond

Cloud – Wolke

Spring – Frühling

Summer – Sommer

Autumn – Herbst

Winter – Winter

Lake – See

River – Fluss

Tree – Baum

Flower – Blume

Park – Park

City – Stadt

Village – Dorf

Road – Strasse

Street – Gasse

Plane – Flugzeug

Car – Wagen

Bike – Fahrrad

Bus – Bus

Ship – Schiff

Train – Zug

Scooter – Roller

Taxi – Taxi

Shop – Geschäft

Money – Geld

Wallet – Geldbörse

Price – Preis

House – Haus

Door – Tür

Window – Fenster

Floor – Boden

Stairs – Treppe

Room – Zimmer

Bed – Bett

Blanket – Decke

Pillow – Kopfkissen

Wardrobe – Kleiderschrank

Clock – Uhr

Lamp – Lampe

Kitchen – Küche

Chair – Stuhl

Table – Tisch

Fridge – Kühlschrank

Cup – Tasse

Plate – Teller

Breakfast – Frühstück

Lunch – Mittagessen

Dinner – Abendessen

Bread – Brot

Coffee – Kaffee

Tea – Tee

Vegetables – Gemüse

Fruits – Früchte

Bathroom – Bad

Washing Machine – Waschmaschine

Bath – Wanne

People – Personen

Man – Mann

Woman – Frau

Kid – Kind

Family – Familie

Mom – Mama

Dad – Papa

Grandmother – Oma

Grandfather – Grossvater

Heart – Herz

Hand – Hand

Eyes – Augen

Socks – Socken

Pants – Hose

Shirt – Shirt

Hoodie – Kapuzenpullover

Boots – Stiefel

School – Schule

Shopping Center – Einkaufszentrum

Church – Kirche

Office – Büro

Lift – Aufzug

Computer – Computer

Telephone – Telefon

Tv – Fernseher

Book – Buchen

Newspaper – Zeitung

Letter – Buchstabe

Picture – Bild

Camera – Kamera

Glasses – Brille

Guitar – Gitarre

Box – Kasten

Backpack – Rucksack

Bag – Tasche

Suitcase – Koffer

Dog – Hund

Cat – Katze

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